Dear people,

despite the rare updates of our news section, we have redesigned the Stop IRC Bullying website.
We hope that you like the new design and enjoy our website more than before.

The Stop IRC Bullying Foundation is still alive and very busy with helping people who are bullied on IRC.
Please keep this in mind when you are not seeing any news posts for a longer period of time.

We will do our best and try to post updates more often now.

Spread the word and stay bully-free!

Yesterday our IRC-channel was struck by a vicious attack of IRC-bullies who wanted to sabotage our services. They know that we pose a serious threat to their ongoing activities on the IRC. We were able to silence them and we put them in their place. IRC Bullying is not a trivial offence, it can seriously harm on a psychological level and we are here to put a stop to this.

We had our first victory yesterday and we want everybody to know that we are still here and we will persevere to help those in need. We thank everybody who stood by us while this attack happened and we will stand together to await a better future. A future without IRC-Bullying.

Sincerely, the current members of the Stop IRC Bullying Foundation

We are happy to announce the founding of the Stop IRC Bullying Foundation!

The Stop IRC Bullying Foundation is a new foundation which aims to help people bullied on Internet Relay Chat. We are against bullying and harassment on IRC and want that everyone on IRC is treated nicely. Bullying on IRC is a very serious issue and should be seen as that – it just does not belong there.

We want to make this website a place where IRC users can read up on bullying and harassment on IRC, how to prevent it and what one can do if getting bullied by another user.

Stay tuned for further updates!